What are the factors causing overgrowth of bad bacteria in our digestive tract?
  • Unhealthy diet
    • High fat and high sugar diet encourage the growth of bad bacteria in our digestive tract, especially in children.
  • Under stress and anxious
    • Stress and anxious can deplete our friendly bacteria, lead to digestive tract discomfort and weaken our immune system.
  • Taking antibiotics
    • Antibiotics also kill our essential and friendly bacteria in our digestive tract.
  • Alcohol consumption
    • Alcohol can damage our intestine lining and weaken our digestive tract.

Why BLOOMFIT VitalPro is a better choice for you?
BLOOMFIT VitalPro meets the top 4 criteria of good probiotic according to WHO guidelines:
  • Clinically proven with more than 90% of the VitalPro Probiotics are able to survive in our stomach acid
  • Proven to stick and stay in our small and large intestines
  • Proven to kill bad bacteria by releasing lactic acid and trigger the release of antibody
  • Proven to stay alive with antibiotics

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